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Benchmark Conflict - The Yellowknifer


Arsenic Adjustment - The Yellowknifer


Homegrown Veggies Safe - The Yellowknifer


In Gourd We Trust - The Ottawa Citizen


In Gourd We Trust - The Whig Standard


Twelve Tonnes of Trash - The Whig Standard


End Legal Fight Over Belle Park - The Whig Standard


Fragile Labrador Ecosystem Overcomes a Toxic Past - The Globe and Mail

Saglek Ecosystem Recovery - Globe and Mail Dec 09_Page_1.png

Stokes Point Cleanup: Elders Helping Scientists - Tusaayaksat (5 pages)

PCB Cleanup Leads to Quick Recovery - Environmental Health News

PCB clean-up leads to quick recovery of Arctic wildlife_Page_1.png

Mercury No Longer a Threat - The Whig Standard


Don’t Hush Up Site Cleanup - The Whig Standard


Military Engineers Clean Up DEW Line Site - The Maple Leaf


Abandoned Bases Ooze Pollutants - The Globe and Mail (2 pages)

Picture2-i.png Photo gallery

Specialists Head to Site of Nunavut Blaze - The Whig Standard


Remedying the Ills of the DEW Line - The Globe and Mail


DEW Line: Canada is Cleaning Up Pollution - The Toronto Star

RMC Group to Tackle Pair of Projects - The Whig Standard