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Environmental Sciences Group

The Environmental Sciences Group (ESG) is a unique, internationally recognized multidisciplinary research facility that applies practical solutions to environmental problems through a combination of mission-oriented projects and cutting-edge research in the area of environmental science.

Personnel have expertise in chemistry, engineering, biology, geology and geography. ESG provides specialized scientific expertise in the fields of environmental site assessment and remediation, with particular expertise in remote settings, and arsenic speciation and transformation, bioaccessibility, risk assessment, microbial community analysis, emerging contaminant detection and guidance development, use of wetlands for water pollution control, and scientific outreach activities, particularly involving aboriginal peoples.

ESG is located at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

  ESG News


ESG team studies effects of arsenic from mine tailings site on amphibians

  Military Support


ESG provides environmental support to Canadian military operations around the world. Details coming soon.

  ESG Mission


Building environmental knowledge and expertise through our applied and fundamental research program

Finding innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions for environmental cleanup and the protection of human and ecological health and applying them in real-world settings

Working in collaboration with project stakeholders and communities to achieve desired outcomes in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner